Monday, 13 October 2014

News Eggstra!...Golden Egg Academy

Golden Egg Academy

Another piece of good news (the third in a row – well, I am a Welshwoman!) is that I’ve just heard I’ve become an Egg - a golden one at that!

Most of you won’t know what I’m talking about, and I’m sure there’ll be some who think I’ve finally cracked (sorry about the pun – I suspect there will be plenty more of these).   Anyway, what it means is that I’ve been successful in my application to the Golden Egg Academy (see their website, after submitting the synopsis and three consecutive chapters of my children’s novel ‘Dreaming Laura’ for consideration.   Naturally, I’m very eggscited about this.

The Academy was set up by Imogen Cooper, former head of fiction at The Chicken House.  It provides talks, workshops, and one-to-one editorial support.  Yes, there is a fee for these, but the ‘foot in the door’ it gives to the world of children’s publishing is invaluable, with its strong links to Chicken House and many other top companies.

Already, just knowing that my submission has been successful has given me confidence and encouragement.  Yes, I totally believe in this story, but sadly, as all unpublished writers know, that is not necessarily enough.  So, to have it judged as promising by an independent, reputable source, is a great boost.

Also, it’s making me focus on getting the story right, ready for the first workshop in a few weeks time.  Something to aim for is always useful for a writer – at least it is for me, personally.

I’ll be posting more about my experiences in the Academy in due course.  (With or without puns!)

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