Friday, 3 October 2014

Pancakes & Poems at Ffwrn, Fishguard

Spent yesterday evening at Ffwrn in Fishguard at a "Pancakes & Poems" night to celebrate National Poetry Day.

A general view
(Photo courtesy of dp-multimedia ©)

Poetry is not my chosen form of expression (though I do write a not-very-good poem every few years) but I’m always happy to indulge in pancakes (note to Ffwrn: bring back the caramel please).  Nonetheless it was a very interesting and enjoyable evening, so thanks to all concerned, in particular Marc Mordey and Mel Perry and compere Dominic Williams.  I was amazed by how many talented poets there are out there.

The evening certainly wasn’t short of readers!

Images of all poetry readers
(Photo courtesy of dp-multimedia ©)

Their contributions gave rise to some thoughts about the difference between the spoken word and the written – how something on the page which might need pause and contemplation does not necessarily translate well when read aloud to an audience.  Delivery can be everything!  Certainly when it came to “performance”, our host Rhodri stole the show with his rendition of an ancient Welsh poem.

The performance of the night at Ffwrn, Fishguard
(Photo courtesy of dp-multimedia ©)

In addition to the poetry, we had the pleasure of some fantastic music from the Welsh singer-songwriter Lowri Evans.

(Photo courtesy of dp-multimedia ©)

A good night was had by all.

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