Sunday, 28 June 2015

Reading Aloud

Reading my work in public for the first time in such illustrious company as Tyler Keevil, Carly Holmes,  and Maggie Harris was probably not the best of ideas.  

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But the ‘Cellar Bards’ in Cardigan is a welcoming and supportive group, and I was lucky enough to have some friends and friendly faces also contributing that evening.  

(photo courtesy of dp-multimedia ©)
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So… well, I did it, and really, it wasn’t so bad at all.

(photo courtesy of dp-multimedia ©)

The Bards meet every month, but Friday was the celebration of their third birthday, so Tyler was invited as their special guest.  He was a great choice, as his reading was so entertaining, drawing the audience into his story, holding our attention, making us want to know what happened.   He himself believes this is partly due to having an excellent drama-teacher in school, which shows, perhaps, the element of acting necessary to reading as performance.   Fortunately, I bought his book, so I know what was in the bag…

And for anyone who might want to know what happened in the rest of my story, it’s soon to be included in an anthology called ‘Secondary Character’, published by Opening Chapter.  (More details to follow!)

(photo courtesy of K. Drinkwater)

Thanks to everybody at the Cellar Bards, particularly Tyler  - and Carly, for being such a great compère, with a good word to say about every participant.  And also to Tyler’s parents, who were just so nice!

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